Jack's Views on the Issues

Public Safety - Over the past eight years we have seen dramatic and positive changes to our city. Our police department has increased sworn personnel from 95 when I took office to the present level of 125. We have opened and staffed two new fire stations on the north side of town allowing us to boast response times second to none in the state. Our number one responsibility is keeping our citizens - you and me - safe.  Our kids need to be safe in their schools; we need to be safe in our communities and in our homes. Our police, fire fighters and first responders deserve the full support of our elected officials so that they can do their job. I am committed to maintaining and increasing current levels of public safety.  Additionally, we must work with law enforcement authorities to develop and implement effective intervention, prevention and re-entry programs to combat the rising tide of gang activity in our neighborhoods.

As a member of your City Council, one of my primary responsibilities is to listen to the issues of the frontline public safety personnel and ensure that those issues are heard and understood by all levels of management within the City.   

Gangs/Violence Zero tolerance must be our mantra.  We must provide our police with the resources to monitor gang activity. As our community continues to face the challenges of early release of inmates from our state and federal prison systems, we must proactively work with police, probation, parole, nonprofits, and court officials to ensure that our community is safe.

Budget – Our city has successfully weathered the economic storm of the past several years but challenges on both the revenue and expense side continue. As your voice on the City Council, I will continue to analyze management’s proposals to insure your tax dollars are spent in a manner that provides the most benefit at the least possible cost.

On the revenue side, sales and hotel taxes continue to be major sources of revenue opportunities to the City. New shopping and automobile dealership development on the 101 freeway corridor and the revitalization of our downtown area will energize and diversify the Santa Maria shopping experience and will also strengthen sales tax revenues. 

As a member of the City Council, I will support and promote increased tourism within Santa Maria. Hotel taxes, paid by visitors to our City, go directly to our bottom line - funding city services. 

Economic Development - It is imperative that we work with the Airport District to explore ways of re-energizing the development of the stalled Airport Research Park. We must develop the infrastructure to attract companies that will employ our residents in middle and higher income jobs. Business friendly cannot be just lip service. Our city must work toward finding solutions, not merely identifying problems. In partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, Airport District, the Northern Santa Barbara Economic Alliance, Vandenberg Air Force Base, the County of Santa Barbara and the various invested community groups, we must work toward attracting new business to the Santa Maria Valley.

Housing:  Housing needs to be affordable for working families.  At the same time we cannot sacrifice prime farmland or negatively impact our City’s water, traffic, safety and open space.   Through my work as a former Santa Barbara County Planning Commissioner, as CFO of Good Samaritan Shelter and your representative on the City Council, I am thoroughly familiar with the issues and dynamics regarding affordable housing and the various governmental and environmental codes and ordinances affecting new development.